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SPECIAL SALE 25 pounds or more:

Lory Nectar $100.00 for 25 lbs.

Lory Powder $75.00 for 25 lbs.

Welcome to Lory Food and  Pet Foods Inc.!

3 years ago everyone called our Lory Foods nothing but  backyard recipes and poo pooed us ..  We have had double the production on the breeder lories and more active and colorful pet lories on our products! I am VERY proud to say that all the big companies have analyzed and copied our recipes. Expect copies very soon. We will always keep our excellent quality that won't be duplicated! Thank you for staying with us!

All of our nutrients are from Natural ingredients, a complete quality diet with next day shipping. I have always felt that nutrition was the number one factor in successful breeding of any living animal. I get my nutrients from natural food sources, so should the animal I own. Eating junk food and buying vitamin tablets is not the same.
We are getting great results from breeders & pet owners that have been using our products for the past year. Breeders are having more babies, so we are excited! We had to start other products because pet stores were buying our lory products for geckos and sugar gliders. We decided to add more protein and different ingredients to make species specific foods-not just one product renamed for all.
We have created a quality food and intend to keep it a consistant quality that the species needs with prompt shipping.


This lory food is a complete balanced diet. It was formulated in the US and fine tuned by some of

the biggest Aussie & US breeders. We believe it is the best on the market now. A special thanks to

30 yr. zoo veterans James Dolan and Will Peratino for their help in the formulation of our products!


We have great prices and specials for all lory breeders & list participants

 if you mention your list . Call: Linda Blessing owner (760) 788-1100


US Distributors & Pet Stores call :

Linda Blessing international cell (760) 788-1100
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